Josip, this is unclear to me. Can you elaborate?
We have:

p1 = name_displayer.display(self.person)
p2 = name_displayer.display(other_person)

Do you mean the name displayer should be able to do declination?
Is it not possible to do that in the not related sentence:

str = _("%(person)s and %(active_person)s are not related.") % {
                            'person' : p2, 'active_person' : p1 }

Please, do you feature request, but perhaps first give an example here in your language about what the problem is, so we understand each other.


2007/11/24, Josip <>:
Benny Malengier wrote:

> I was thinking of perhaps a checkbox on relcalc tool. However, I want to
> concentrate on other parts of the code now. If nobody else does it, I
> can do it in the future. I think Rob already made a feature request for it.

When talking about feature request is it possible to have two different
p1 and p2 variables depending on if is relationship found or not in
on_apply_clicked() which will be accessible to user to modify name (do
declination on name and surname)