2007/11/23, Jérôme <romjerome@yahoo.fr>:
> As though said, you wrote sid instead of sib (from sibling).

you are right :-[

> If I understand correctly, for french you need to know if birth relation
> is with father or mother.

Yes, it is just used for half-siblings and sometimes first cousins
(mother/father side)


Maybe I will ignore some relations !!!

* birth - parents not married (enfant légitime-naturel-adoptif-adultérin)
* child from second marriage (du second lit)
* child after the first child (Cadet, cadette)

Don't try to know for non-siblings how much birth relation they have.
For siblings this makes sense, and is still easy to determine how they are half related.
Add one generation, and this becomes really hard (multiple families, remarry, ...). That is why there is special code for siblings, but for other relations it is only passed if birth relation or not over the path that has been searched. So don't make that distinction between uterin and consaguin further up.