Could you open a bug issue on the bug tracker: ?
But first, try version 2.2.9, you find a (K)ubuntu package on our sourceforge site. Some code changes to gallery happened, so this might be fixed.

If still present, please give some more information when posting the bug. Note that export to eg .gramps and then import in a new empty database might learn you if database problems are to blame or not.


2007/11/20, Ralph De Witt <>:
Hi all:
I am running Kubuntu 7.10 and Gramps 2.2.8-0.svn, When I click on an
individual no photo's display. I open the gallary and they are there they
just do not display in Gramps as they used to. This is a new install and the
first time I opened the data base. Can this be corrected? TIA
It said Use Windows XP or better, so I installed Kubuntu 7.10
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