sorry, time is also locale based:

So, for going to english it is easy, open, you see the code on line 75:


So first we load english ('C') then the locale of the system. If you comment out the second line, only english will be set.

For a normal user: in KDE, go to system settings->Regional&language-> in the first tab, change your locale.

2007/10/31, Peter Landgren <>:
Did not work.

> The dates in GrampsLocale are base on the locale setting.
> Without going to another locale, you do not have dates in another language.
> I think you can circumvent this by an edit in the
> GrampsLocale/ file:
> You see a block
> try:
>      ..... do locale stuff
> except:
>     ....... do dates based on time stuff
> If you delete everything from try up to except, and only leave the time
> based dates, it should work with your LANG setting, not your locale setting
> (I think).
> Perhaps we should delete dates based on locale and only work with time
> based dates?
> Benny
> 2007/10/31, Peter Landgren <>:
> > Doug's new Birthday Report looks good to me.
> > However, the months are still not shown with capital letter first.
> > januari should be Januari (in Swedish).
> >
> > However, when I ran GRAMPS in English I still get Swedish names for the
> > months
> > and all other text in English.
> >
> > /Peter