The dates in GrampsLocale are base on the locale setting.
Without going to another locale, you do not have dates in another language.

I think you can circumvent this by an edit in the GrampsLocale/ file:
You see a block
     ..... do locale stuff
    ....... do dates based on time stuff

If you delete everything from try up to except, and only leave the time based dates, it should work with your LANG setting, not your locale setting (I think).

Perhaps we should delete dates based on locale and only work with time based dates?


2007/10/31, Peter Landgren < >:
Doug's new Birthday Report looks good to me.
However, the months are still not shown with capital letter first.
januari should be Januari (in Swedish).

However, when I ran GRAMPS in English I still get Swedish names for the months
and all other text in English.


Peter Landgren

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