ok, I was thinking about

key, (value1, value2, value3)

whereas you say it is ok to have
key, value1
key, value2
key, value3

Yeah, the same thing. One would need an index though on the value to be able to quickly find it in a large database.

2007/10/30, Julio Sánchez <julio.sanchez@gmail.com>:
In a nutshell, yes.  But aren't all GRAMPS attributes multivalued, I mean, they can be repeated, right?  If not, then yes, some special handling is needed, but in 2.0 works as is.  Or you mean one instance, with several values?  It is immaterial, I think, modulo parsing issues.



2007/10/30, Benny Malengier <benny.malengier@gmail.com >:

to recap:

1/we need multiple valued attributes. For 3.0 there is the idea to introduce tags on notes instead of one type. This looks somewhat identical. One would have the field unique identifiers, and then a list of unique identifiers, one of them the handle as used in GRAMPS

2/on import, the unique identifier is searched in present database, if present, a merge is initiated, skipping double data.

Is that what you are suggesting?