svn up, I finished step and inlaw on english, and extended the test routine with random generated relation string like 'fmfmf'

Please try it, have no language here that needs that.

Note that I still want to add the recognition between half/step/normal sibling in the routine.
Note also that if you work with the paths like 'fmfmf' that you take into account symbols not present today. So an else statement that gracefully gives a good string.

I am unsure what to do with adoption at the moment. Is there some standard way to indicate that? Legally, adopted children have to say father/mother to their new parents. For a researcher however it is interesting to know there is a difference. Using stepfather doesn't sound right however ....


2007/10/28, Benny Malengier <>:

i see if I can randomly form the relstr string, and add it like that so testing is more general


2007/10/28, Josip < >:
Benny Malengier wrote:
> Josip,
> first, let me tell you I did not finish yet with all changes, nor with
> all tests.
> Secondly, you are right, as b is the uncle, he only has one ancestor.
> I'll try to find time today to continue working on it.
> Benny

Thanks for quick answer!
In my language is two type of uncles which is now easier to distinguish
thanks to Ga,Gb, reltocommon_a, reltocommon_b parametars but in
granduncles is doubled cos i like to distinguish them on mother or
father line.
_test seems to tests only one type.
I know it would be to much work to include all possibilities in every
section! How but some _test_all function for as with funny language
which will create all combination of m and f then show their translated
names so we know if we skipped something.