first, let me tell you I did not finish yet with all changes, nor with all tests.
Secondly, you are right, as b is the uncle, he only has one ancestor.

I'll try to find time today to continue working on it.


2007/10/28, Josip <>:

In svn 9256 running test from __main__ with my trow "string
index out of range" error in uncles section.
I myself do not know Python but trying to write RelationshipCalculator
for my language with new get_single_relationship_string function.
The part i wrote work good in program but crashes in test.

In function definition is:
get_single_relationship_string(self, Ga, Gb, gender_a, gender_b,
                                        reltocommon_a, reltocommon_b,
                                        in_law_a=False, in_law_b=False):

but in _test function in uncles section is called like this:
for i in range(1,MAX) :
    relst = 'f'
       print FMT % rc.get_single_relationship_string(i, 1,
                                       'f', relst * i,
look like 'f' and relst*i shuld swich places.
Same thing in aunts section.


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