Fixed 1260, but this now gives rise to another bug: you see person bookmarks in the eg the event bookmark menu.
I think this is because actions are added, whereas the code should delete and reconstruct actions instead, not catching the AttributeError.

You are right about 1261, a minor issue though. I also don't know, but there is a dirty flag somewhere, that must be set on change to trigger a save. I should have to hunt it down in the code myself.


2007/9/29, James G. Sack (jim) <>:
I have been working on
  0001187: Runaway Gramps XML file sizes

and traced the problem to an obvious and easily fixable bug, which I
have submitted a patch for.

  Developers may wish to note the bug and my suggested fix.
    __init__(self, val=[]):
        ##self.v = val      # wrong -- v is an alias
        self.v = list(val)  # want a copy (not an alias)
  In this case, multiple instances got the same (initially empty) list,
  and (eg) insertions ended up showing on every instance's list!

But, in the process, I have uncovered 2 new problems which I have
recorded as new bugs

0001260: previously saved person bookmarks not shown on bookmark view
0001261: bookmarks data change insufficient to force database write

On 1260,, I have traced the problem to the statement
   GrampsDb/_GrampsXMLDB in function load()
    (at line 61 in r8631)
The 'set' ends up clearing data read from the input file.
==> I don't know what the purpose of the above code is, so I don't know
what is wrong or how to fix it. Can anybody comment on this?

On 1261, I suspect there is an established mechanism for forcing the
database write on exit, but I haven't even looked for that yet.
==> Can somebody give advice on the correct thing to do to signify that
an update is required on exit?


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