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On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 9:45 AM, Martin Ewing <martin.s.ewing@gmail.com> wrote:
> The discussion about marking the qualities of certain children in a family
> brings up a problem that I have.  Sometimes I want to step down the lineage
> from an early ancestor down to a particular descendant, i.e., the "home
> person" using the "relationships" or "pedigree" panel.  This is difficult if
> there are many children in each family.  The bold/italic marking helps some,
> because those are the children who have children, but it does not tell which
> is a "correct" path to the home person.  (Possibly, there is more than one.)
> It would be most helpful to have a unique flag to indicate that a child is
> on the path to the home person, especially in "relationships".  If this list
> doesn't shoot it down, I will make a feature request.

I'm not sure I understand what this flag would be exactly, but there
are a couple of tools that I use to do similar things.

If you want to manually look at the chain of people connecting an
ancestor to a descendant, then I use the "Deep Connections Gramplet".
You can click on the people in the chain and add an attribute or mark
them, for example.

Or, you can also use the "Add Attribute Tool". Select a filter
("Ancestors of Person X") and add an attribute to all of them in one

I know there are ways to find the line of descent through gramplets or reports, but these are "off-line" -- it means breaking my flow of work, when I just want to interactively skip down the chain of relationships from an ancestor to a particular ultimate descendant.  It would be a lot more convenient to see it immediately when looking at the children of a relationship and/or on the drop-down menu at the left edge of a pedigree display.  Now, if they are bold, you know that clicking on one of them will bring up more info.  You just don't know which one will lead to your home person.

[I agree that the gramplets are a fairly good alternative.  They would even be better if they could exist as "live" windows or panels alongside the current panel of interest.  I didn't know about "Deep Connections".  Sounds good.]

File all this under "usability".  There are plenty of ways to get at the information if you navigate around, generate reports, flip to gramplets, etc.  The problem is that data are not always presented for immediate access when and where you might want them IMO.

> And then there is the question of why Gramps is "afraid" of using color
> highlighting in such situations...  Gramps does use pink and blue in the
> pedigree display!

In the past, pre-deterimined colors were avoided because it could
clash with your theme. But propose a use for color, and we can discuss

We could use a default set, but let the user adjust the colors as desired.  We already do it with prefs -> Marker colors, so the framework is there.  If you don't care for colors, there are always icons!



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