The discussion about marking the qualities of certain children in a family brings up a problem that I have.  Sometimes I want to step down the lineage from an early ancestor down to a particular descendant, i.e., the "home person" using the "relationships" or "pedigree" panel.  This is difficult if there are many children in each family.  The bold/italic marking helps some, because those are the children who have children, but it does not tell which is a "correct" path to the home person.  (Possibly, there is more than one.)

It would be most helpful to have a unique flag to indicate that a child is on the path to the home person, especially in "relationships".  If this list doesn't shoot it down, I will make a feature request.

And then there is the question of why Gramps is "afraid" of using color highlighting in such situations...  Gramps does use pink and blue in the pedigree display!


Dr. Martin S. Ewing, AA6E
Branford, Connecticut