Hello, all,

I recently switched from Fedora to Ubuntu 8.04, and I'm learning about deb package distributions.  The good news is that there are binary packages, and I don't have to resort to "make from source" anymore.  (Funny idea, making Python programs from source!)

So I ran "make uninstall", got the new .deb file, and installed it with the Package Installer.  All seems well, except it asks me if I really want to do this, because an older version is available in the "software channel" and such versions are generally "better supported."

I think I know what this means.  The Ubuntu Universe package is there -- but it is version 2.2.10-2.  I doubt that there is any "better support" for it, but the warning message might worry some people.

Would it be productive to nudge (someone?) about keeping the Ubuntu/Debian feeds more current?


Martin Ewing, AA6E
Branford, CT