Dear Benny:

Sounds incredible to me!  I love it already!  I like the idea of  a country drop-down list with the ability to add if not found...

I also think if USA is chosen as a country, then a state drop-down would also appear.  If you would like to see a living working example of this?  Go to -- > Advanced Search and I believe it will list all the countries and then change the drop-downs to that country???  Not quite sure ...

I love this whole idea!  Thank you for having it already on the back bu5rner!

Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey

P.S. Is there anything I can do to help you?  Within the aspect of my limited knowledge of python?

On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 1:02 PM, Benny Malengier <> wrote:
2009/6/25 Rob Healey <>:
> Greetings All:
> I know that this conversation has been had many times over the last year
> that I have been involved with Gramps, and probably, a million more.
> I would like to see the way that they Place Entry is done!  I do not know
> the best way or not?  But I would like to see the place be built up layer by
> layer or depth or whatever which way you would like to call it?
> 1) Country
> 2) State or Province
> 3) City
> 4) Address details, if any?
> 5) County
> 6) Business name if any?  Such as Johnson's Family Mortuary, yes, #6 can go
> in #4
> I know that there is very few developers right now, and I also know that I
> do not have the python knowledge yet to do it myself.  So I am calling upon
> the knowledge and benefit of others!  Is this something that has a huge need
> or is it just something mundane and unnecessary?
> Thank you for letting me ramble on.  I know that the discussions have been
> many, but there has never been anything concrete come from it.  Please, do
> NOT get angry or upset with me, I know that there is very little developers
> and that there has not ever been too much importance placed upon this
> topic.  I am not saying that anyone is being lazy or that anyone does not
> care.  I do understand that people also have their own lives outside o
> Gramps.  I personally, have a wife and two children, and all the things that
> comes from being a family!  So by means, take away from this conversation,
> that I am being mean, rude, or condescending of anyone!!!

My intention for 3.2 is to allow with a config setting to have places
in the placeview grouped on country, then state, so a bit like the
person view groups peopel.

Other things that would be usefull:

1/ interpret the present names as levels, and change the labels
depending the country. So, for Germany, State would change in 'Land'
or however it is called in English.
2/ Countries should be a drop down list, with the ability for a user
to enter a country not present. This would interact with 1/ above
3/ It must be investigated how alternative places can be given a date
attribute to indicate the time period a place had this alternative
4/ Investigate the default attributes, and use that to extend on the
place info in an easy way. That would link back to an investigation in
how attributes can be made more versatile and easy to use. I'm
thinking of using part of the attributes on the main view so you see
them directly.
5/ do not loose time with trying to couple address with place. We now
it does not work well now, it is in GEDCOM, leave it alone :-D