Dear Peter and Kess:
I apologize for the problem relating to the styles directory issue, and I can fix that one.  The Nebraska stylesheet is one that I can fix also.  I will have updates tomorrow for these two issues...
Kess, can you work out the relationship one?

On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 11:09 AM, Peter Landgren <> wrote:
Further testing of trunk rev10869 regarding

1. Step sibling is incorrec, example:
   My father was married and devorced, his former wife remarried a couple of years later
   and then she got one daugther.
   My father married my mother 10 years later and I was born.
   So I and the daughter in my father's first wife's second marriage can not be step siblings!
   When I use Quick Report-> Realtionship to Home Peson; GRAMPS reports no direct relationship.

2. The surnames are invisible in the "Nebraska" css.

3. When I move the mouse to a link that link disappears. Happens on many places.


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