Frst Group and Nick:

I have this one fixed already.....


On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 12:58 PM, Nick Wallingford <> wrote:
Re: NarrativeWeb image links not working...

On an individual's page, there is a thumbnail in the upper right corner
- the link from that thumbnail to the original sized image in the
Gallery in not correct - it omits the .html extension.

Similarly, the rest of the thumbnails at the bottom of the page, the
other media items for that person, appear fine as thumbnails, but the
link that is built again leaves off the .html extension.

Finally, going direct to the Gallery page has the same behaviour - the
descriptions of media are there, but the link that is built to the image
has the omitted .html.

There is an open bug:
that sanjuro has created.  I tried the diff provided, but that didn't
work either (from memory, it was going to the image subdirectory rather
than img?  Sorry - memory gone...)

His description was: "Seems to be due to using build_url_fname rather
build_url_fname_html on lines 661, 1252, and 1624."

I would (ahem!  Anyone who takes *my* advice on programming is bound to
end in trouble!) say he's right for the location of the fix, but not
sure what is needed to fix it...


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