I truly understand the need to limit the amount of CSS Stylesheets that GRAMPS  will officially support and maintain!  I am not trying to override anyone's decisions or thought-processes by any way!
    I was thinking that Aunt Martha will never download the extra stylesheets, even if she loves them, because she is not going to want to code them into NarrativeWeb or WebCal, if it ever goes to stylesheets, because she is in fear of messing it up and it won't work now!  She can't or won't go to this list for help because she knows that it was her fault!
    It would take someone like me to do it for her, and then send her the patches and files.  She still will not do it, because she knows that she is not a programmer and will not take the chance.  No matter how easy or explicit the directions are that I would send to her.

    Just my .02 cents.......

    I am more than willing to continue to support my stylesheets for whatever time period exists for them......  I currently have four stylesheets in waiting...  The two of High Contrast and Reverse.  One of "Bold and Blue" and one of "Evergreen in Washington"!  The high contrast are very simple to see and navigate.  The subsections are clearly and definitively separated.  They are very much for the visually-impaired.  I have tried to increase the font sizes as well.  I would also like to create a visually-impaired print stylesheet too.  I am sure that there would be a need for it as well...

I realize that Brian is on acation right now, so can someone else comment on this .....?
Sincerely Yours,
Rob G. Healey