> > I wish it were simpler to populate the married names. I've been copying and
> > pasting the first and middle names, then typing the married surname, then
> > have to remember to change the "birth name" pull-down to "married name".
> > Just throwing it out for ideas.
> Rather than having a million special functions (such as "Add a Married
> Name to this Person"), perhaps it would be better if Gramps had a
> method for defining little "macros" and attaching to specific keys.
> For example, you could then define a little function that adds an
> alternate name, and attach it to the key "F12" or something. Advanced
> users could write (and share) these little pieces of code, and you
> could adapt them for even more specific functionality.
> You could then script repeatable, monotonous tasks (eg, go to next
> record, add the Tag "Calendar").

How about a checkbox in the marriage event that says taken the spouses name?  This way it could work for when the wife takes the husbands name or vice versa.