> > I just installed gramps 4.0.2 on Windows 7 x64 and it works well. I
> > added a couple of people but noticed that I can't add a middle name. I
> > am also unsure what to do about maiden names. Should I add the person
> > with their maiden name? Would I add a name change event? Also there is
> > a bug when I try to add an event, the events don't scroll. There is a
> > long list of events that go off the screen so I can't select marriage.
> > I read the online documentation for version 4.0 but it doesn't answer
> > either question.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > George
> Hi,
> events list can be scrolled with mouse wheel, moving mouse pointer to
> top/bottom row (one with arrow image) or using keyboard arrows keys.
> After you pointed it out i can now see that sometimes event list don't
> have those top/bottom row and can not be scrolled. Why is that i don't know.
> Can you report bug about that on http://bugs.gramps-project.org/

Mouse scrolling and the arrow keys work.  However pressing m for marriage does not work.  I will add a bug this weekend.