So, it looks like for now, my best bet at a research log would be to make a note, reference it on the item and the source, and then flag it as Research - that sound about right?. The Repository Research Support idea is a really good one. But I just need something quick and dirty. Maybe this will be my first foray into coding a plugin. For both issues.


Dave Gilmore
Digital Media Revolution

From: Frederico Muņoz <>
Date: 09/23/2009 03:36 PM
Subject: Re: [Gramps-users] Missing Sources Report & Research Log


2009/9/23  <>:
> As more and more information gets added it gets harder to remember what
> doesn't have a source against it if you didn't record it at the time of
> entry. Is there a report (or another way) that will show me all of the
> records missing source information?

Not that I know of. I initially used markers for that but abandoned it
since it is a bit clumsy (since markers aren't cumulative and the
burden on marking them is on the user).

> Also, is there a way in Gramps (or any other way) to log research? I want to
> record that on this day I looked for Joe Smith in the Social Security Death
> Index, for example, and what the results were

Research support was recently talked about (see,
not directly concerned with research logs but still useful. As said
for the time being using Notes is probably the best approach (there is
a predefined type names Research which is useful for filtering). I
also use the TODO gramplet to keep a monolithic log of what I've
requested, what I should investigate next, etc, but while useful it
doesn't really scale.

One of mine feature requests (which I already talked at length and
will not insist on) actually dealt with a way to quickly check if a
source existed for an event, and with what kind of "authority". Since
this depends on implementing some new tags I think that the easiest
way would be to do something like PAF, in which each event with a
source is displayed with a little indicator.