I've been using Gramps for around 4 years now and have quite happily entered 1,600 events so far and 500 people. - it's brilliant software. As I find new information about my ancestors, I've come across some events that I would like some advice on please.

1. An article in an old newspaper reports that my ancestor was attacked and the case went to court. How to enter this? I've been considering creating an event type called News with a description "Court appearance - Alleged attack on xxx" to handle this. The advantage of this is that a "News" event could then be used for other newspaper reports that don't fit with existing event types. I wondered how you would do it?

2. One ancestor was in and out of the Workhouse six times in the space of 12 months. Of course this indicates the sad situation that she was in.  Any suggestions for recording the admission and discharges? The entry in the Workhouse register says "discharged" but no new address is given. I had used a Residence event for one ancestor who went into the Workhouse and then died there, but this case is a seven year old going in and out. It appears that her father was also in dire straits and his abode is difficult to track down.

All advice greatly appreciated - thanks


Gramps 3.4.4-1; Linux Mint 13.