First of all thanks for your nice piece of software I just discovered (have to start some day, right?).

I'd like to display names in my family in a short form when it is available, but can find no way to get this done in the current preference > Display dialog.
The example I think of is: if a "call" is given show it, otherwise show "given" instead, I'd like to use the pattern "Call?Call:Given Surname"  (but any other pattern would do, of course!)  so that an individual with the details below would simply show as "Bob Smith".

Surname: Smith
Call: Bob
Given: Robert John Peter Allan Patrick Marius Jaques

Is it possible and if yes: how?

I looked on your mailing list and found only  http://sourceforge.net/p/gramps/mailman/message/21868713/ ... but maybe I missed the point.

Thanks for your answer,

PS: currently using  GRAMPS: 3.4.0-1 (Python: 2.7.3) on Ubuntu.