On 1 Feb 2013, at 14:47, Peter Landgren wrote:

The examle you give does use A with an accent and I think that should be sorted as A.
The letter after Z, should be . Which from the beginning (in the middelage) was written as AA.
It later became A with a small "o" above it.
Similiar with and . The two dots was originally "e".
So sort order in Swedish.
in UNICODE is U+00C5 and is U+00E5

is used in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian with very similar pronounciation.

I'm not sure this helps, but note the difference between and , which can be hard to
to see with some fonts.

The example given was not supposed to be a real example, just to illustrate the problem.

If you want to relate my example to your Swedish sort order, then replace in my example with , and replace the first language sort ("ndre, Arnot") with English sort order and the second sort ("Andrew, Arnot, Zulu, ndre") with Swedish sort order.

Now, how do I determine the index heading entries?