I have a new report that is now ready for version 1 and I would like to include it within Gramps.  How would I best do this?

I can simply add it into trunk, notify the dev group that it is there for review and see if it flies?

Basically, it is a text report that runs off of a family and can start at the parents of father and mother of the family (one generation up).  The fathers family is left justified and the mother family is right justified.  The marriage of the selected family and all children are center justified.

There are generational titles that help separate out Parents, siblings(or us), children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. There are also decade markers that show the passing decades.  both of these are optional.  Dates for all birth, death, and marriage events in the report can also show (or not) the specific dates.

The report can be sorted by generation/date or date only.  and spouses can be conditionally included.

so that is a very quick description of the report.  What would be the best course of action to get this included (or up for review) within gramps.


  Craig A.