Cool! I'd love to see a sqlite back end...just for the lols

On Oct 23, 2013 4:52 PM, "Doug Blank" <> wrote:
FYI, I just brought trunk up to date to run gramps-connect with the
latest versions of python, and django. I was testing on a Solaris
computer, which happened to not have BSDDB installed. I realized that
it is not necessary at all for the webapp, and made a couple of small
changes where BSDDB things poke into places that they shouldn't really

In the long run, we'll want to rethink some code to better support
alternative backends, but for the moment I just made it so that it
doesn't crash.

My Solaris test machine also didn't have Gtk3 installed, but of course
that isn't needed either for the webapp. Also, there are some places
where PIL is used. Apparently Pillow, the friendly PIL fork, now works
with Python3, but I haven't started that conversion yet.

So, I'm using trunk without even having Gtk3 and BSDDB installed,
through the webapp. Weird. It wasn't that long ago that a DISPLAY was
required to use code in Gramps :)


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