I have data for about 10 generations in my gramps database. This data came from a book, and I'm now trying to create another book with my data.

Now, GRAMPS does provide ways to piece together a book with various components. But I didn't get satisfactory results out of this.  E.g. I asked gramps to create a descendant tree for all ten generations, and the gramps gave me a PDF file with 430 pages.

At this point, my hacking instincts kicked in and I did a good amount of python coding to do the following:
   - walks the gramps tree and automatically partitions the graph into multiple pages
  -  creates graphviz  files for each page, while merging pages that represent small fragments of family tree where it makes sense
        - when the family tree for a person ends on a page, the continuation page is displayed close to the name of the person.
  -  run 'dot' and generate PDF files
  - insert these PDF files into a template Scribus document - this document contains other details of family history in a text format
  - formatting of personal information varies in my tools
       - names are formatted as "(Title) firstname lastname",
       - dd/mm/yyyy for dates

Right now, my PDF file is 45 pages and looks OK. Some graphs could look better - and some more tweaks are needed to prevent the graphs from overflowing the page in some circumstances. But I feel I am close.

After I did all this work, I realized I hadn't asked any questions on the mailing list and had silently done my thing without looking around. While I feel stupid for not having done this earlier, I have to ask you guys : how do you generate your books ? Any other tools that I need to be aware of, please do let me know.

Thanks for your time
-- Shree