2013/5/23 Tim Lyons <guy.linton@gmail.com>
enno wrote
> On the RootsDev list, Tom Wetmore suggested to use persons for persona,
> saying that they can be recognized by being linked to a source instead
> of to their lineage. And this idea was recently adopted in the GedcomX
> draft, as you can see here:
> https://github.com/FamilySearch/gedcomx/pull/236

I read this, and I was very impressed by the Use Case #232 and by the
analysis generally.

I was very un-impressed by the fact that when thomast73 raised the issue of
how relationships would be dealt with:
followed up on this or commented on it.

Seems like only the simple case (individuals) not the more complicated
relationships is being dealt with!

Keep It Simple is very important :-)

My motto though is 'Keep it Correct and Workable'. So I would aim for a system that still works in hybrid form. That is, we add sources and know where data comes from, but not everything can yet be captured like that. So some data will be not or badly sourced.
We want to improve data entry by making it more natural, not bog it down.

Although I like conceptually the persona concept, the idea of dragging so much 'history' with you might slow things down a lot. Also, when you try to untangle information due to wrong 'merge' of data, the software will have a very hard time to do it correct for all but the most simple cases.

Giving input of records/certificates, storing the data, and then generating data in our Person, Family, ... objects seems sufficient to me. After all, we can redo the generation step at every point in time, and indicate clearly what in a person comes from which stored record.
Eg, we have a person, you ask: 'Source Record Report'. We go over the person, obtain all citations, and print a source report with the citations. Next we obtain the new record ID's in the citation object. We read every one of these records, and indicate what record matches data in the person object, and which data is not present (confidence level of source can help order it).
What more do we need? If user wants to untangle 2 people, he goes to the stored records, and regenerates data, indicating a new person must be used instead of existing. He will then have that new person, and can generate the 'Source Record Report' again and again, up to the point he is sure they have been untangled sufficiently.

Obviously it would be nice if with Persona we could reduce this 'unentangling' work, but with the above far simpler approach, it is already possible.