2012/10/26 Yvonne Kibys <info@ahnen-recherche.de>
Hello together,
I have a question and this should become no criticism.
If one wishes a new feature concerning GRAMPS on http://www.gramps-project
org/bugs/ how long is the status as "New" selected ?
I know everybody is working on GRAMPS only in the spare time and hence not
always have time.
On 6.8.2012 I asked for a feature with the heading "Complete Individual
Report including the Gramps IDs of every person in the report" (ID 0005969 -
Feature Request).
I got an answer from dsblank that it sounds like an useful idea. Could it be
that it means one is trying to integrate this ?
Is somebody able to tell me if it is difficult to integrate this ? At the
moment I have to write all IDs by hand to complete the printouts of the
Complete Individual Report". It would simply save a lot of work if there
would be the feature like that.

If it is new, then nobody is working on it.
This would not be difficult to program, An hour or so to write and test.
Best would be if you added an example of possible new layout of the report, as that is actually what would take most work for the developer to work out: what will look nice?

As in the thread Detlef points to, it was said to write to the mailing list finally with why a feature is important to you. As you will have noticed, already two people fixed the problem after you wrote this mail.
The committed fix is however only for trunk, you could write on the ticket if backport of the change to gramps 3.4.1 would be possible or not.


Have a nice day
Yvonne K.

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