It would seem ubuntu one is not able to sync all hidden .svn files. OrĀ  because it is not fast enough, or because it chokes on the longĀ  filename.

A better approach to your problems would be to fork the github gramps:
You can then push and commit to your fork, and access that on all your computers, AND have local commits on your pc. Really superior to svn (though I myself for Gramps am still sticking to svn)


2013/10/24 Enno Borgsteede <>
Yesterday, I added my gramps 3.4 svn directory to Ubuntu One, so that I
can do some development on my desktop PC and laptop, which I am using
right now. I have no commit rights, so I only use SVN to download
updates, and compare my own hacks to what's in the repository.

The code that was downloaded from Ubuntu One to my laptop builds OK, but
when I try svn diff, I get an error message:

svn: E000002: Can't open file
No such file or directory

I'm not sure what it means, and running svn diff from other directories
works, but I am a bit suspicious, because I'm not sure whether Ubuntu
One syncs file removals too. If it does not, I suspect that my svn
directory will become polluted after a while.

Would svn cleanup help in this case? I'm quite new to SVN and Ubuntu
One, so don't know what to do, except going back to a local backup when
SVN or I get too confused.



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