Did you get this fixed?

Start would have been to backup your data, so that any further manipulation cannot do more damage.
Gramps stores backup files which can be recovered, but then no further opening may be done which could overwrite them ...


2013/7/10 Ron <ronallen500@gmail.com>
Gramps 4.0.1 running on Ubuntu 13.04
I received a error message but it locked up and never gave me any
writing into it.  I couldn't move it or close it, so I shut Gramps down,
closed browser I had open and rebooted the computer to get rid of the
error window.  When computer rebooted, opened Gramps and all that is
showing in People is the death dates, and in Relationship it will give
me all the information that is on the family that is in the Family mode,
no information  shows up in Relationships.  I did a book report and all
the  information I have entered seems to be there but I can't see it.
If you can help I would appreciate it beu cause I have close to 1000 names
and information for them and sure would hate to loose it.

Ron Allen'
Jesus Loves You!!!!

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