I don't use windows, so have no idea how to fix your win7 problem.
I put the devel list in cc, which is the correct place to ask development questions. You can also post to gramps-users for user questions

Please post a bug also on for this problem


2012/5/20 Gerrit <>

I’ve recently started using Gramps again, and I really like the
software. I stumbled across one minor bug though:

The default font used under Windows 7 (I don’t know under Linux or Mac)
does not display every unicode character.  I’ve taken a screenshot to
illustrate the problem:
(Sorry that it is in German, but I guess you know the window)

I want to insert the fictional person Yoshihiko Noda (well, actually it
is the current Japanese prime minister) in Japanese characters (there he
is written 野 田 佳彦).
I can use Japanese without problems, because Gramps is luckily Unicode
based. But the font doesn’t display the Japanese characters in every
field. As you can see, in some fields it works, but in the text input
fields, I just get this bracket with 0000 in it.
This fallback characters are displayed virtually everywhere (the only
_exception_ is actually the field in the window I’ve uploaded), so that
in practice, I cannot use gramps with Japanese characters.

I did not find any option for a font setup, so it seems I have no way to
make this better. Wouldn’t it be possible to use the default Windows
font and the fallback options? So that gramps behaves the same as other
Windows applications when entering non-latin text?

I hope that this bug can be solved in some future version. I cannot
program, so it is very hard for me to fix this bug myself :(

But thanks for the really great software!


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