2014-06-05 18:33 GMT+02:00 Jean-Pierre Neven <jneven@skynet.be>:

I recently changed my Window PC for a iMac. This means I had to look for another genealogy software. I found Gramps which I like but I have problems that the reports are half in Englisch and half in Dutch. I think some files are not translated yet?

Dutch translation is as good as complete in 4.0. You should post a ticket on the bug tracker with a screenshot. Gramps has a test database example.gramps you can use to avoid posting your private data. We can then forward the issue to the Dutch translators

Eg, Is it not possible your Mac is in English?

I hoped that tis was solved in vs 4.04.1 but this is still the same.
Will this solved in vs 4.1?

Also i found that you can change the clearness of the screen with F14 and F15 but this doesn’t work on my iMac. Bug ?

?? I don't even have an F14, F15 on my keyboard :-)


Jean-Pierre Neven

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