Custodian is a common english word. Can you give a link to that software?
If it is proprietary, then it is unlikely a link is possible.


2012/7/13 Ross Gammon <>
This may be a little off topic, but I am doing a One Name Study of my
surname. I use GRAMPS now to store all of the family trees that I have
collected related to the surname (and eventually create a report to
publish them on the web). I also use the proprietary Custodian software
to store all of the references I find to the surname (e.g. UK births,
marriages & deaths, censuses etc.).
I am constantly switching between GRAMPS and Custodian. I use a unique
ID that I invent so that I can identify the same family trees and people
in both software tools. I use tags in GRAMPS and the person ID for this
purpose. Each event for a person in GRAMPS has a citation for the
relevant index in Custodian if that is where I identified the event.
Hoping that there might be some other GRAMPS users doing one-name
studies, I have the following questions:
1. Does anyone know of any open source efforts to design a Custodian
type tool to collect references to a surname in a set of databases that
can be searched, filtered, sorted, indexed and tagged/grouped etc.?
2. How feasible would it be design a better linkage between these two
tools? It would be nice to be able to link a record in the Custodian (or
other) database directly as a citation/source for an event in any GRAMPS
family tree. When this linkage occurs it would be nice to ease the
process of ensuring the unique family tree and person ID match in both
PS: GRAMPS Connect looks like a great way to jointly collate, publish &
edit the various family trees that are related to a surname. I am about
to install it and give it a bash!

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