2012/8/16 Nick Hall <nick__hall@hotmail.com>

Do you have a list of outstanding tasks for Gtk3 conversion?

You mentioned that the selectors are not yet converted.  I have also
found problems with Tags, the Attribute editor, the busy cursor and the
status (pixbuf) column in the database manager.

I'd like to help, but want to avoid working on the same thing as someone

The general script has run to convert things. That touched most things.
The rest is converting by trial and error it seems. If you find a type of problem not converted, then you should off course try to convert everywhere where used.

About the editors, not converted are those who don't have their .glade file converted to gtk3 (just open and save in glade editor will do the conversion). So you can convert any of those.

Currently, when I have time for Gramps hacking, I try a piece out of gramps I did not try before and that has GTK components, convert, and commit the same day. Most of the time, the fixes are really very minor, just a small change, and commit.

So there is very little risk of working on the same thing at the same time. For the larger parts (pdf output reports via cairo, pedigree, fanchart, ...), I would suggest the person starting with that to just mail the devel mailing list, to let others know. Those are the only parts where I expect more than an evening hacking to fix.

Concerning the glade files, some parts about expand have changed. It can be difficult to find the expand and fill value to change so as to obtain correct resizing of editors. In GTK3 there is some inheriting of glade components, which was not the case before. Some editors also require sane defaults widths to be usable.



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