2012/9/10 Billie Walsh <bilwalsh@swbell.net>
On 09/09/2012 09:30 PM, Martin Steer wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 09, 2012 at 06:44:12PM -0500, Billie Walsh wrote:
>> need. The issue is that it just doesn't work "for" me. I "need/want" to
>> have one database that is shared over several machines [ Desktop,
>> laptop, netbooks, etc. ] I have my database in Dropbox and can make
>> changes on any machine and they are immediately on my other machines.
>> This is very problematical to do with Gramps. To my thinking this is the
>> biggest downfall of Gramps.
> Hi Billie,
> Just curious. If you're working this way with PAF, does that mean that
> the database in Dropbox is a gedcom file? If it is, why is PAF + gedcom
> file in Dropbox better than Gramps + xml (or gedcom) file in Dropbox?
> M.

The database file is a "*****.paf" file. The native file format of PAF.
I have no idea how it's constructed. PAF also generates a backup
periodically, also kept in Dropbox. I do also keep a fresh .ged file but
that's sort of a secondary backup.

If you work at home with paf on, and in the library with no internet access, and you have changes in both places (so simultaneously), dropbox will not be able to sync, and you loose information. Try it.

Working with gramps from dropbox works, but is problematic for the same reason.

The only cloud computing that would work is a program that can handle it's own merge collisions. That does not exist for genealogy. The only thing that works is pure cloud, so with need of an internet connection, which is what gramps-connect.org develops.

So, Gramps is in this respect not worse than other genealogy desktop apps. If you work consecutively, it goes, if you work simultaneously, it fails.

Compare this to working with collegues on an excell sheet in Dropbox. Big problems. The only thing that works good for this is a service like google docs. This is precisely what gramps-connect is, but requires always connected to work.


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