2012/9/5 thom_raindog <thom@raindog.de>

I tried gramps both as the version in my Ubuntu 12.04 repos ( as
well as compiled from source (3.4.1) and get the same problem with both:
Once I start gramps and click on "Neue Person hinzufügen" - which
translates roughly as "Add new person", gramps crashes. This is what the
console shows:

/usr/share/gramps/glade.py:126: GtkWarning: Invalid input string
/usr/share/gramps/gui/dbman.py:338: PangoWarning: Invalid UTF-8 string
passed to pango_layout_set_text()
   value = self.top.run()
/usr/share/gramps/gui/dbman.py:338: GtkWarning: Invalid input string
   value = self.top.run()
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Any idea what I'm doing wrong here?

No, did not see this before. It seems the file
contains some symbol which is not ascii. I can't see anything that could cause that in that file.
Can you compare the file with the official file:

Change gramps34 into gramps33 in this line for the 3.3.x version.

Did you correctly install? You cannot install globally two versions of gramps, that will cause big problems.
You can only install one at a time, if you want both version, you need to install one locally under your user account.


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