2012/3/17 Josip <josip@pisoj.com>
On 14.03.2012 14:44, Ted Lomatski wrote:
> I am looking to using Gramps primarily on Mac, but also on Linux along with
> sharing with my cousin who runs windows.  Is there anyone else doing this?
> Are there any problems jumping between systems?

Yes they are, even worse jumping between same system can be problematic
if they don't have same version of some libraries not just Gramps.
Gramps don't come with database engine but uses one found in system and
is very sensible on that.

To override that problem make sure to all Gramps installations use same
database version.

For example:
In Windows Python-2.7.2 includes by default Berkeley DB version 4.7.25
and their python binding of version
So to be compatible wit that in Linux download
build and install it locally (to not interfere with rest of system).
Next download
build it against previously maked db version and install it somewhere
Use environment variables LD_LIBRARY_PATH to inform Gramps of location
of first one and PYTHONPATH for second one.

For the technical user. I was wondering, do you not also need in gramps.ini, under preferences section


if you do this?



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