2011/9/6 Michael Schievelbein <Michael@schievelbein.com>
I am wanting to back up 1000s of connections and pictures that I have made on
Ancestry.com over the years.  There are a lot of features that I like on
GRAMPS, but I work with so many other people on the reasearch, that I have
to have all of the information up on Ancestry.com.

My questions is:  Is there a way to syncronize the changes I make on GRAMPS
back up to Ancestry.com.  Through the years, there are 100s of duplicates on
Ancestry that I would like to use GRAMPS to take care of, however, the only
way that I can see to sync them is to redo the work on Acestry.  If I reload
the Gedcom, I have to go back through Ancestry and reattach all of the phots
and media and similar items.

There is indeed no solution for this at the moment. What is needed would be a developer who also uses Ancestry and can make a specific link ancestry to Gramps local storage. 
It would not be too hard to make some custom code that would work for a single person, but to create a general solution is much harder.

As you probably are no coder, some 'soft' input could already help a lot. Eg, what key system does ancestry use to indicate a person or picture? Can we recognize that and store as an attribute? Does Ancestry allow import of Gedcom with a 'flag' to indicate the person is already in the system? How should an integration look like? ....

Of course, Gramps is an open source project, while ancestry.com generates money, so the natural way would be for Ancestry to write some code to make eg import of our .gpkg output possible.... I believe they have no interest in trying to improve the export of data out of ancestry, but the import is in their interest.

Most developers of Gramps think you need as a researcher strict control over your sources, so should retype data you collect from eg ancestry.com in Gramps, so as to (double) check all data. After all, that is why they contribute to Gramps and not to eg phpgedview. I think most would not mind a plugin however that let's you point to an ancestry entry, and obtain/update the data from there.
Note also that Ancestry has (had?) some license issues that prohibit sharing data you learn from the site completely free ("On line or other republication of Content is prohibited except as unique data elements that are part of a unique family history or genealogy."). I believe we can safely say this means you may store data you learn from ancestry in Gramps and put that on the web again via eg narweb report. However, this licence also means many developer don't want to start with better ancestry integration, as ancestry could revoke eg Gramps in the future of accessing their data ....


I would also like to use the taggin within GRAMPS and Picasa, so that when I
update the phots, they have the new information.

I think I am looking for the ultimate solution and it does not exist.  Any
success or horros stories anybody can share would be appreciated.

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