2014-06-06 16:55 GMT+02:00 pjwk <karatebomber@web.de>:
I filled already a bug report in the bug tracker
<https://gramps-project.org/bugs/view.php?id=7749>   which did not lead to a
solution yet.

Does somebody know how to change the display of some views in Gramps? I have
the issue that the interface is too dark with Gnome 3.10 Adaita dark theme
which comes shipped with Ubuntu 14.04 (see screenshots). If I can resolve
this, I can finally start working with Gramps again! :D

*Screenshot 1: Names are too dark.*


These are treeviews. See the function foreground_color http://sourceforge.net/p/gramps/source/ci/master/tree/gramps/gui/views/listview.py#l20

It defaults to
in the data models. This should be replaced by a query to the Gtk theme. See eg the peoplemodel:
function column_tag_color

You can just type another default. Correct solution would be to pass a default in the function and populate that with the stylecontext of the treeview, https://developer.gnome.org/gtk3/stable/GtkStyleContext.html text foreground color.

Please do a bug submission with this info

*Screenshot 2: Background is white.*


This is the relationship view:

It is strange that the code is not working. Look at the build_widget function:
st_cont = self.scroll.get_style_context()
col = st_cont.lookup_color('base_color')
if col[0]:
  self.color = col[1]
  self.color = Gdk.RGBA()
So it seems that the function goes to the else part here and makes it all White. Probably the theme you use has no base_color defined?
Also here, post a bug ticket. You should be able to replace White by the color you want.