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Benny Malengier wrote
We release source code, so release message is for that, however annoying
users might find that. People following announce are not users, they are
normally packagers. The main reason to notify users of releases is so they
can start bugging their packagers for easy install methods.

We don't release lines packages, windows installers or mac bundles. We do
include them on sourceforge if we are notified of their existence.

That's enormously helpful.

I was working on a more user oriented version of the download page, and with this guidance, I have now updated the page to reflect this philosophy.
I think this still makes it clear that the official release is the source code, and the various packages, installers and bundles are provided by the community, but it does make it clear for the normal Aunt Martha user (who is probably on MS Windows anyway) how to get the program and how to install it.


Page could be formatted better indeed :-).
A page in the wordpress install instead of wiki would be nicer. Do you have login to gramps-project/wp-admin ?

Some remarks
1. for ubuntu, it would be nice to make already clear in the table that the sourceforge deb packages can be directly installed to upgrade. Just download and double click the file to upgrade gramps.

2. About gnome and kde:
"You can use both, but Gramps fits in better with GNOME "
Is this really true? I have never used Gnome, so can't judge, but I wouldn't know what I miss with KDE.


The page is still much too big and busy, I wanted to do something more like [1] or [2] or nicest of all [3].

I don't like http://gramps-project.org/download/ because it just directs you to the sourceforge files page, and then the user has to know to go to the correct folder two levels down, and what to load from that folder, and then how to install it.

I am planning to change the Installation page (http://www.gramps-project.org/wiki/index.php?title=Installation) to include the same template but also to contain (or refer to) the instructions for building from source (mainly for packagers and developers).

[1] http://infinitekind.com/downloads
[2] http://www.gnucash.org/
[3] http://www.greenfoot.org/download


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