Is it not possible you imported the gedcom the second time in the family tree you did the first attempt for?

As the first import crashed on the empty lines, the families of the people would never have been loaded, and everybody would have incomplete families.
Your second import would duplicate people.

So, if this was the case, delete the family tree, make a new one, and do the import in this empty famtree


2012/8/22 Tim Lyons <>
We discussed what is probably the same question here:

The GEDCOM import has been improved in 3.4.0, and it is possible that the
problem you encountered has been fixed.

I know it is annoying to be told to try the newer version, because the
problem _may_ be fixed there, but in this case, I think it would be
worthwhile. Anyway, if the problem is ever going to be fixed, it will not
now be fixed in 3.3.x.

I am not sure why you found a duplication of the first individual, but the
allocation of ID Numbers has also been improved, so this problem may also
have gone away.

I too would be interested to know which tool was used to export the GEDCOM.


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