2013/7/9 Tim Lyons <guy.linton@gmail.com>
Benny Malengier wrote
> As now trunk and GEP database are different, and I soon go on a long
> holiday, I would like to merge the branch back into trunk next week.
> There are still large things to do which can then happen in trunk later
> on:
> 1/ although templates can be easily distributed via plugins and making a
> simple csv, I do want to add a user editable locally stored template
> editor.
> 2/ I'll add a 'remove' column to the csv table to indicate fields that
> should be asked to user, but not used in constructing the reference
> 3/ usability improvements
> 4/ actually use the new references by changing endnotes and bibliography
> to
> use the new templates
> 5/ if users hide EE, there is little use to use templates. We need a good
> basic set for common users in the Basics section

Benny, Would you mind changes being made in the GEPS branch while you are

No problem.

I have computer with me, and would like to try some more things too.
Eg. For the template selection, to work like place selection on event editor. So a single line with an edit button. However, instead of a modal window to choose the template, I'd like to try how it works with a treeview (selector) that expands in the same window when you press the edit button. A bit like the multiple surname button on edit of person.
I dislike spawning too many new windows, that is so last century when there were no tablets and smartphones yet :-)

Next, I'd like to try a wizard like interface also for user template creation. Page 1: select template to change or new template, page 2: if new template, select a base template to start from, page 3: give the template fields and their default order page 4: edit the default style of this template (so hide or not, bold, quoted, ...). So, this last goes towards allowing different styles. If you would like styles completely, feel free to think of a way to change SrcTemplate so that the style info (=changed order of fields, markup fields, hide or not) can be stored as a SrcTemplateStyle or some other scheme.

But I will not have time for much, so hack away. Do start with merging trunk back in the gep branch :-)



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