Doug or Jerome,

Can you give Pat access to gramps-addons, and check then all is ok after his first changes?

Pat, what is your sourceforge login? We need that to give you access.

And that link should just be to mentioning to write one of the admins of the project for write access. Unfortunately my login starts with b, so I guess most people will write me, while I'm not really that current with the current state of gramps-addons.


2013/2/2 Pat Lefebre <>

I want lines but like you mentioned (  ) that will take a bit more knowledge on my part.

Have uploaded the file HtreePedigreeView.tar.gz for Gramps 3.4.2 ( ) you can now just add the extracted directory to the user plugins directory and "H-Tree Pedigree" will show in the Navigator>Ancestry view. I will do no more changes for gramps34 and look attempting the same for gramps40 and trunk.

Benny I would like to commit the changes I have to gramps-addons if ok with you (The link on to  is gone due to )


---- On Sat, 02 Feb 2013 02:43:33 +1100 Benny Malengier <> wrote ----

Nice Pat.

I do think the lines connecting a person to the parents are needed too. In a table that might be difficult to achieve though, although it does seem there is space to add them.

If you don't use a table, you directly draw on a surface boxes and lines, and you can draw everything then. See eg the fanchart in gramps40/trunk.

I see you work in windows, so I assume you use gramps34. The way of drawing completely changes when going to gramps40 due to the change from GTK 2 to 3. From that point of view, using gramps40 for complicated new views might be better :-)


2013/1/30 Pat Lefebre <>
For anyone thats interested see H-Tree visualization [1]


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