2014-08-14 6:44 GMT+02:00 Chris Bagley <chrisbagley1@bigpond.com>:
As I poke about into Gramps, several questions come to mind. If anyone
can help me with these, I would appreciate their advice.

Firstly, who is Gramps.  I refer here to the dignified white haired
gentleman in the sepia portrait who seems to be the figurehead for the
program.  It's been intriguing me.

Secondly, what is the population of what I might call the Gramps
community.  Or, putting it another way, how many people appear to be
running Gramps. 100?  1,000?  10,000?  More? I'm curious about this as
it might be useful information in telling potential refugees from TMG
about Gramps.

Nobody knows. But in light of the downloads and the trafic, it should be closer to 10000 than 1000.
Many will use it for small family trees though.

Thirdly, my copy of Gramps is grey.  Very grey actually.  Is it possible
to change this?  Lighten it up a little? I suspect not as all the screen
shots in the manual are grey.

Select another theme. You need a GTK theme switcher for this. There were plans to add that to the windows installer, not sure it present at the moment.


Well, that's enough for the moment.


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