2013/1/30 Nick Hall <nick__hall@hotmail.com>
On 30/01/13 15:08, John Ralls wrote:
> OK, Reverted.


> But you're missing the point: The location of the data must be determined at runtime to allow the Mac relocatable application bundle to work. Setup can't do that.

I know nothing about Mac relocatable application bundles, so I will have
to leave that to you.  The solution should not break the existing
functionality though.  We also need to consider Windows installations.

If the installer knows the location of the files, then it can write to
the const.py file just as the distutils installer does.  My testing has
been entirely limited to distutils so far.  Is it possible for Windows
and/or Mac users to use distutils?  This might not be the best way, or
most natural though.  Should we even support it?

distutils should work just fine to install the gramps module in windows, mac, linux, ...
However, Gramps is an application first, the fact we implement it as a module is just a nice extra we do to have more possibilities in the future. To install an application, with translations, entries in the start menu, ... something else than distutils is needed on windows, mac I assume, although, if there would be a desire, somebody can probably script everything also via distutils ...



Using GRAMPS_DATA seems a good approach to me.  I have no way of testing
on Mac or Windows though.

Is there any benefit in moving these location variables out of const.py
and putting them in a separate file?


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