As Ron said, you store all information to Gramps, duplicating things as needed.
In this, it is very important to add a source to all the data you enter.
When adding a source, the connection between the souce and the person/name/attribute/event/... is the citation.
In the citation you clearly indicate the confidence in the source, see

For example, one source would be your grandmother. So you can add a Source: Grandmother Martha - Interview on 20120101.
If you are professional, you will have an audio encoding, and can add that as a media object to this source.
You enter information into the family tree based on the interview, some things with high certainty (as she lived the events), some with low (hear-say)


2012/10/3 Nathan Hartley <>
I am new to this process and software. One of the things that I am having trouble with is how to deal with the discrepancies. Grandma says one thing, an uncle another. How do I best record the information I have, until I have the time to research further?
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