2011/10/26 Paul Franklin <pf.98052@gmail.com>
In order to fix http://www.gramps-project.org/bugs/view.php?id=5306
Eric has rebuilt the RPMs for gramps 3.3.1 and put them in his repo:
http://rpms.doutreleau.fr -- so if the EL6 version could be copied to
the SourceForge repository that would be nice.

When I asked him about the other 3.3.1-2 versions, he said he does
a "mass build" on all of them, so they all changed to "-2" versions.
Only the EL6 one (also known as Centos 6) matters, I believe.

Perhaps that would be a good time to also change SourceForge's
"Download the latest version" pointer from "gramps-3.2.5.tar.gz"
(say to Josip's GrampsAIO-3.3.1-2.exe)?

This is strange. Sourceforge should recognize your OS from the browser string. So in my case, I obtain automatically 3.3.1 version in .deb. I see that the AIO is the default for windows, and the intel dmg the default for Mac, so all should be automatic.
I now set the tar.gz as default for 'other' OS, so if your OS cannot be determined it should now show 3.3.1. Please check

If it's possible for me to do it, upload it to SourceForge, I would
appreciate a pointer to some web page describing the process.

Stephane must do it, if he misses this mail, just ping him again in a couple of days. It is possible to put something in waiting zone, don't know if that actually makes it easier for Stephane.