2013/6/28 hvdb <henke54@gmail.com>
that says that in the future there could be 3 parents instead of the 'usual' 2 ... isn't that something to think about how that in GRAMPS could be 'implemented' ?

It's easy to extend the family with more than two parents. But family in Gramps is about who raised children, not really about who provided DNA material. So in Gramps today, if there are 3 DNA providers, you make 3 families with 1 parent, all having the same child. If the child is then raised by still other people, you add a 4th family.

So, the family concept of two parents only breaks down if children are raised by a group, eg a commune, with no preference for the real biological parents. We encounter this in historic sources with polygamy/

We would loose compatibility with other software should Gramps alone adapt multi-parent families

These kind of things should only be solved when they arise.
There is a question already now to allow more than two gender, which is an issue already today: http://www.gramps-project.org/wiki/index.php?title=GEPS_027:_Gender_as_an_Entry_Field
That is not an issue with historical sources though. 


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