I suppose you mean the references in the bottom bar. You should do a feature request to have double click open the object, as in deed that seems to do nothing on the reference gramplet.

So, to find the person fast, double click the place, in the place editor, the references tab shows the event. Double click the reference there to open the event. In the reference tab of the event, you can open the person.


2013/1/27 Wolf Zscheile <wolf@germanyroots.com>
Hello All,

I am completely new to Gramps and I have a question..

When I go to the "Places" button I get a list of all the references to a
I get the name of the person, but in order to get more info, I have to
go the
"people" button and find that person there and on a larger database this
could take some time..

Is there any way to have a link in the Places-references to go directly
to that person
without going to the People button first ??

Thanks for any help,

Wolf [Zscheile]

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