do a full clean before? Should that not remove the gramps dir on 34 branch?
we certainly don't want to add gramps to gitignore

2014-02-19 16:22 GMT+01:00 Jerome <>:

There is a minor problem if you want to compile gramps34 branch from

If you keep the typical gramps40/master hierarchy folders on gramps34
branch, then Makefile will not be able to generate the launcher, which
should be named 'gramps' like 'gramps' directory ... Minor issue, but
annoying if you want to install gramps34 from git! No problem with next
branches (gramps40/master) or tarballs (3.4.x).

I suppose it is possible to add 'gramps' folder somewhere (git ignore?)
for gramps34 (and previous!) branches only?


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