2013/6/4 Enno Borgsteede <ennoborg@gmail.com>

4/note also that for repository and repo location, I intend to use the actual first repository connected to the source, not an attribute stored.
Nice. Following up on that: Do you think it's possible to split the other attributes between Gramps repository, source and citation objects too? I mean, author and title are source fields, page is citation, so they are quite clear, but URL is a difficult one, as it may be a site URL, source URL, or record URL.

Tim brought it up, and Simple Citations splits the attributes between Master Source and Source Details too, and I think I can make a similar split for most fields of our current CSV. It will result in yet another column in that CSV, but I'm prepared to put some effort in this anyway.

That has always been my idea.
Attributes which are defined on the F level but not on the L level need to be given in the citation.
However, I will allow for default citation values (named like that) on the source level.
The first forms of an SrcTemplate class in gen.lib for this is already present.